Getting a message that says 'hard drive is too full'


Please perform the following steps to troubleshoot the 'hard drive is too full' message.



Check hard drive space


1. Open My Computer

2. Right-click on your "C:" Drive (or the drive that has the WebEasy program installed), select Properties



3. Examine the free space on the hard drive, as shown below:



If you little free space left, you may want to uninstall unneeded applications or delete some files.  


If you do have enough free space, please continue to the next section.



What's happening


Since the Instant Publisher inside of the WebEasy software is old, it did not take into account the size of today's hard drives.  It is not recognizing the true size of your free hard drive space.  What you need to do is either delete or add files to your hard drive in order to change the free space number.  You may want to try and delete the temporary internet files out of your web browser, and see if that helps.  For more information, please visit the following link:


How to delete your temporary internet files


If the problem persists, please continue to the next section.



Uploading through the Publish Assistant


If you continue to have problems even after adding/deleting files from your hard drive, you may need to use the Publish Assistant instead of the Instant Publisher.  For information on how to setup and upload through the Publish Assistant in WebEasy, please click on the following link:


Uploading through the Publish Assistant